Over the next few weeks, we will be learning about U.S. Geography. This website will help you with the online portion of of our unit. The online lessons will go along with the lessons we have been doing in class and will help you gain a better understanding of the US in spatial terms. All the pages you will need are linked at the left. I hope you learn a lot and have fun!

Watch this video to learn how to navigate this site.

Learning Goals
This course will be used as an extension to your learning in Social Studies class. You will learn where the U.S. is located by using maps, globes, and satellite images. Then you will learn about physical and human characteristics of the U.S. by listening to songs and stories and looking at photos, aerial images, and special maps. You will learn why the U.S. is divided into regions and characteristics of those regions. You will then compare Michigan to the other regions. As a culminating project, you will create a poster or slide show to show what you have learned about location, place, and regions. In the end, you will be able to answer the following questions:

1. Where is the United States?
2. What is it like there?
3. Why is the US divided into regions?

Technology Needs
You will use WikiSpaces, a discussion board, Glogster, Google Docs, and blogs to communicate your ideas. You will need a computer with an Internet Connection. If you do not have Internet access at home, the school's computer lab is open before and after school. You can also use the public library's computers.

Communication Policy
I am always available to help you whenever you need help. You can send me an email, and I will respond within 24 hours. You can also ask me questions face-to-face at school. However, sometimes the best way to get your questions answered is to talk to your classmates. We are a community of learners, so asking for help from your friends is encouraged. One way of doing that is by posting your question to the Questions and Answers page. In an online course, communication is key. So, let's keep our communication open!

Expectations for Online Behavior
Just like there are expectations in class, there are also rules for online behavior. Remember that whatever you post online will always be online. Therefore, be respectful, appropriate, encouraging, and helpful. Online bullying, disrespect, and inappropriate posts will not be tolerated. Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed and consequences will follow.
  • Be appropriate with your posts. Online bullying, disrespect, and name calling will not be tolerated. Anything deemed inappropriate will be removed and consequences will follow. Be nice!
  • Stay focused with your thoughts, use proper spelling and grammar, and do not use text message abbreviations. "hey giirrrrrl.... what r u up 2! lol" is not an appropriate or on-topic post.
  • Remember that anything you post online will always be there. It can never be erased or taken back. Therefore, read your work over a few times before you post. If need be, have someone else read it for you too.