Learning Objectives

  • Be able to fluently use these terms: human characteristics of place, special purpose maps, and topography.
  • Make connections between human and physical characteristics in the United States.


In class, we went over various human characteristics the United States has. We also filled out a chart to help us organize and define different terms associated with Human Characteristics. We learned that human characteristics are often closely connected with physical characteristics. For example, people built roads and a railway so they could view the Grand Canyon. Hotels and campgrounds were even built to allow people to stay near the canyon.

Take a look at the graphic organizer below we viewed in class as a reminder of the Human Characteristics we discussed.

graphic organizer.png


Complete and fill out the City Search worksheet you received during class using this interactive map . Study the map by clicking on different cities to learn about the Human Characteristics associated with each city. Bring your completed worksheet to class tomorrow.

Note: You do not need to complete the Scavenger Hunt the website provides. If you would like to complete it for extra practice, feel free!

Here is a copy of the City Search worksheet, if needed.

Below is a list of human characteristics found in the United States. Which ones have you seen?!

human charac.png


You and a partner will be assigned a Human Characteristic and will take time in class (and at home if needed) to research and fill out your Human Characteristic research chart. Be sure to include all the required information and be as detailed as possible.

Next time we meet, we will make posters and present our Human Characteristics to the whole class. You may want to practice by presenting to a family member or friend first. Presentations will be brief and should be no longer than 2-3 minutes. Be prepared to tell us what your Human Characteristic is, where it is located, when it was built, its purpose, any other important or interesting information you found, and an illustration drawn by you!

Here is a copy of the Human Characteristics research chart, if needed.