Learning Objectives

  • Be able to fluently use these terms: elevation, climate, population density, special purpose maps, and topography.
  • Special purpose maps show characteristics of an area such as elevation, climate, and population density.


In class, we learned that Special Purpose Maps helps geographers focus on a particular aspect of topography (both human and natural characteristics). We use these maps to help us learn more about places, allowing us to focus often on a single theme or topic about a place's topography. Specifically, we covered population maps, elevation maps, precipitation maps, and temperature maps.


Watch this video to learn about what kind of information Special Purpose Maps can give us!


You have been assigned the job of teaching someone who knows nothing about the United States important information about its geography. You need to pick one of the maps from the following five maps listed below. Which map would you choose to teach someone about the United States and why?

Population Special Purpose Map

Average Snowfall Special Purpose Map

Average Temperature Special Purpose Map

Elevation Special Purpose Map

Annual Precipitation Special Purpose Map

You will create and share a Google Doc with Mrs. Wever and Miss Stasiak. Don't forget to turn it in to the Assignment Dropbox!